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Patients who seek consultation with Dr. David Newman for breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast lift may or may not be aware of other breast shape issues that bother them. It’s certainly not the responsibility of the patient to realize or even to be able to vocalize subtle findings, which affect the shape of their breast, and so a thorough consultation with a plastic surgeon can help to identify these occurrences. Dr. Newman knows these issues are important to both identify at consultation and, if possible, to correct at surgery.


There are four subtle breast shape issues that are seen in patients seeking augmentation, reduction and lift and are listed below.

Breast Asymmetry

(a difference in the shape and size of the right and left breast)

Breast Asymmetry exists when a patient’s right and left breast don’t match, either because of a difference in the amount of skin or breast tissue, or the quality (stretchiness) of the skin. As there are a myriad of different causes of asymmetry, there are many treatments to help achieve symmetry.

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Tight Lower Pole of the Breast

(underdevelopment of the breast below the nipple)

Patients who have a tight lower pole of the breast usually note in their consultation with the doctor that their breasts are just too small for their chest. The nipple rides very close to the fold under the breast and may even seem to point downwards. This issue may occur in up to 20% of patients seeking breast augmentation and is one of the easiest to improve.

Tubular Breast Shape

(relatively uncommon)

Tubular breast shapes occur in about 5% of patients who seek breast augmentation. The common theme among these patients is that there is breast tissue within the areola itself and minimal breast tissue in the breast mound. This gives the breast an appearance of being small and the areola seeming to puff out from the chest. Treatment can have a huge effect on the shape and size of the breast.

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Variations of Poland Syndrome

(quite rare)

True Poland syndrome is very rare and patients with Poland syndrome usually feel their breasts are too small or asymmetrical, or they think their chest wall (ribcage) is misshapen. A chest or thoracic surgeon or a hand surgeon can also first diagnose patients when finger and hand problems are manifest. The definition of Poland syndrome is the complete absence of the pectoralis muscle, which is the large chest muscle behind the breast. Treatment for a patient with Poland syndrome can be done to improve the breast and chest shape.

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