Face Lift Temecula

Face Lift Temecula

As much as we hate to admit it, the most visible signs of aging first appear on the face. The effects of time manifest as skin laxity and wrinkling come all too soon. A face lift can help to lift lax skin and diminish wrinkles in certain locations. These signs of aging occur gradually on the face and patients usually seek consultation when they look in the mirror one day and don’t feel that the face they see reflects how they feel about themselves. Face lift surgery can help with jowling, and neck and cheek laxity and can be combined with resurfacing procedures like laser treatment for a more complete and a more long lasting effect. See our facelift surgery before and after photos.

What Can I Expect?

Patients are often fearful of having a face lift because of the unwanted “over pulled” or “pleated” appearance they see in some patients. Dr. Newman performs a deep lift, which distributes the tension to avoid these unnatural appearances. Though face lifts generally take two to three hours to perform, facelift recovery is rapid with minimal bruising and swelling which decreases by the third day. Patients can shampoo their hair in three days, wear makeup and take long walks by the fifth day. So don’t wait until you feel unhappy about your skin. Schedule a consultation at our Murrieta/Temecula office today!


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From a patient

From a Patient

“I first came to you to see if Botox would help how I looked before our sons wedding. Funny to think now that I thought that would help me at all. Your honest evaluation led me to think about a full facelift.

Over the last several years I could see my face changing. I didn’t recognize myself, I hated what I saw. This effected how I felt on the inside more than I realized. I could accept aging, but the way I was showing age on my face caused me to feel sad. Not depressed, just sad about the loss of the face I always new.

Just at the right time in my life I found you. Because of your skill, talent, and knowledge, you gave me back my face. The face I lost for so long. That is a major life changing gift you gave me. I truly appreciate what you were able to do for me.

I’m so happy with the results from this facelift. I’m happy you are a worry wart. I’m a happy blessed person and this will bring me happiness.”