forehead reduction

A forehead reduction can give your face a more balanced appearance.

Forehead Reduction Surgery

If you feel like your forehead it too large or your hairline is too high?  Does a large forehead make you feel like your upper face is out of proportion to the rest of your face?  A forehead reduction / hairline lowering surgery can move your hairline lower on  your forehead  and give your face a more balanced appearance. If you were born with a high hairline or your forehead looks bigger because your brow has fallen with age, there is help to make your face look more balanced with forehead reduction. Dr. Newman will carefully evaluate the features of your face and devise a plan to give you a more youthful, balanced appearance. There are a wealth of procedures to treat the brow and forehead area and, no matter what the cause, a solution can be provided in almost all cases. People who have very thin hair are may not be good candidates but people in otherwise good health are able to undergo the procedure, sometimes in combination with a brow lift.

What Can I Expect for the surgery?

Unhappy with your forehead and tired of having to wear bangs?  If your forehead has become larger over time because your brow has drooped, the brow can be lifted and the extra skin removed.  A brow lift will provide the  healthy and natural result you are looking for.

As we age, the hairline can move upwards.   The solution is often to
expand and lower the hairline. These two procedures, brow lifting and
lowering of the hairline are often performed together to shorten the
forehead.  These procedures can help you achieve a more beautiful balance between your forehead and your lower face.

Most patients are extremely happy with their new look!  A forehead reduction and brow lift can also be performed with a facelift, neck lift and eyelid surgery
to achieve the best natural result.

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What Can I Expect for the surgery?

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