Rhinoplasty Temecula

Nasal Reshaping (Rhinoplasty / Nose Jobs)

Patients often seek consultation to reduce the size and enhance the shape of their nose. Dr. Newman’s approach to nasal surgery involves making a careful and complete checklist of a patient’s wishes for their desired nasal shape. Dr. Newman strives for a more natural nasal appearance. One that fits the rest of the facial features. In addition to improving the external beauty of the nose, nasal surgery is also performed to improve breathing. Today’s modern rhinoplasty procedure, even when done for only cosmetic purposes, has a major emphasis on preservation and possible improvement in airflow through the nose.

What Can I Expect?

Healing from rhinoplasty varies. There are many different techniques used and each heals differently. Splints are typically removed on day six. Patients can perform most of their usual activities with the exception of exercise after the split is removed. Exercise can be resumed within two to three weeks. Bruising typically lasts for one to two weeks. The bruising can typically be covered with make-up after several days. Please feel free to schedule a consultation at our Murrieta/Temecula office and start your journey today!

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