Plastic Surgery and Recover at Inn at Europa Village

Surgical procedures can be a stress on your nerves and body, so we came up with the perfect solution! Dr. Newman’s state of the art surgical facility has formed an alliance with the lovely Inn at Europa Village, where patients can recuperate in the pleasant and serene Villas of the Inn. We can assure you that your stay at The Inn will be unlike any other bed and breakfast you’ve ever experienced. Set on a lush vineyard knoll overlooking Europa Village and the beautiful Temecula Wine Country, The Inn offers you peace and serenity as well as the hospitality and amenities that make the best of memories. This getaway alternative can relieve pressure on your spouse and avoid undue questions from friends and family.

innat europa

inn at europa

House Calls

Recuperating in a low tension environment can facilitate fast healing and better results. Dr. Newman of Plastic Surgeon Temecula can make ‟house calls‶ to the resort so you do not have to trek to the office after surgery. After your stay at the spa you can go directly home and return to see Dr. Newman at his office on a specific date customized to your procedure.


As an example, patients having a tummy tuck usually return two or three days after surgery to the office. Patients can opt to stay at The Inn at Europa Village after their procedure and the Doctor can make a house call at The Winery and thereafter patients can return home on whatever day they wish. Patients can gain advantage staying even one night at the spa after breast augmentation as Dr. Newman can see you the next morning before your return home.

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