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Skin Care

The skin is overwhelmingly the largest organ of our body, yet it is in danger the most often. It is exposed to the harsh effects of the environment and it changes as we age. This important organ is also capable of developing skin cancer and other diseases specific to the skin. Thus, skin care treatments are not just a good option but rather an important step to keep us healthy and looking and feeling well for years to come.


Under the direction of Dr. David Newman, Aesthetician Sharone Utter provides a varied array of skin care regimes, which she customizes to a specific patient’s skin type and issues. A common problem that affects many women is hyperpigmentation or brown spots, which occur mostly on the face but can also occur over the abdomen, arms and legs. These nuisances can be treated with an array of peels and other options. A skin care regimen can also be prescribed to return your skin to the even toned and youthful glow you remember in your youth.




An important skin issue affecting young men and women is facial and body acne. Skin eruptions can put a damper on a young person’s social life, affect how they feel about themselves at an important stage of development, and even lead to permanent scarring. Aesthetician Sharone Utter at Skin Care Temecula provides a number of different treatments to improve even the most stubborn acne problems. She also can connect with today’s youth and teach them how to independently care for their own skin, a skill that will do them well in their future years

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