Confidence in our appearance is not just limited to our face. Patients who may benefit from cosmetic ear surgery include those who may have protruding ears, abnormally large ears or those who have an abnormal shape. Ear surgery is often recommended for children as they near total ear development at age five or six. Even if ear surgery is performed in childhood the final results are usually very long lasting. Adults may also have their ears reshaped, and as long as you are in good health there is no upper age limit for this surgery. Correction of protruding ears can also be performed at the same time as a facelift procedure.


Overall, the most common cosmetic procedure for the ears is to correct protruding ears, and Dr. Newman performs this surgery from an incision that is behind the ear. Children almost always have this procedure performed under general anesthesia while adults can opt for intravenous sedation (conscious sedation) or even simple local anesthesia depending on patient wishes and as dictated by other procedures which may be combined with ear surgery. During the procedure, cartilage is repositioned so that the patient’s ears are positioned closer to the head. It’s quite important to achieve a natural appearance and to avoid a “plastered down” look.

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What Is Healing Like?

After ear procedures, a bandage is kept in place for three or four days and patients usually wear a hair band or ski band to cover the ears for a few weeks. The band protects the ears while a patient sleeps and is especially important for children who have had ear surgery, as other children can be quite inquisitive. The hair band not only protects the ears after the procedure and also maintains the new position of the ears and allows for healing to occur.

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